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FORMATO cartaceo AREA Ricerche ANNO 2000 AUTORE Elisabetta Baioni e Maria Grazia Tabacchi RIASSUNTO With the term “severe mental handicap” we mean a clinical condition in which cognitive abilities, relational and emotional development and the adaptive behaviour to the environment are severely compromised. REPERIBILITÀ

FORMATO cartaceo AREA Ricerche ANNO 2000 AUTORE Sabine Hanneder PAGINE 8 RIASSUNTO A great deal has been written about the effect of the therapeutic use of horses in pedagogical and psychological processes.Previous published examples concern all aspects of human experiences and behaviour (Fig..1) REPERIBILITÀ

FORMATO cartaceo AREA Ricerche ANNO 2000 AUTORE Dr Anna Pasquinelli, Dr Paola Allori, Dr Morena Mencaroni, Dr Monica di Stephano PAGINE 8 RIASSUNTO In order ti conduct an objective assessment of the effects of therapeutic Riding (TR) in subjects affected by neuromotor disorders we propose 3 evaluation tools: 1) administration of a scientific protocol for a quantitative assesstment of the effects On Horseback and on the ground of TR 2) Definition of “TR Time”.This is the time required to stabilise the positive effects obtained by an activity on horseback (“TR time on horseback”) and the ground (“TR time on the ground”), it is used to define the useful duration of TR. 3) Assestment of the Ground/Horseback effect ratio (Index G/HG) in order to establish “the maintenance index on the ground” because the real target of TR, as of any rehabilitation, is the long-term maintenance of the positive effect observed in the health-care setting. REPERIBILITÀ

FORMATO cartaceo AREA Ricerche ANNO 2000 AUTORE Bernard Auvinet PAGINE 7 RIASSUNTO Therefore it is no longer curent to class horse riding among the sports which are a high risk to the spine. Of course an exercice overdose could provoke adjacent pathologies which require a medical consultation. On the other hand, horse riding can give rider a sense of well-being thanks tothe excellent stimulation of para-vertebral muscles, which it gives. A condition sine qua non for this is that the sporting activity is well taught.In fact, it is very ofen the aditional activities of horse riding (care of horses, cleaning out the boxes, etc) which are revealed as being particularly dangerous for the riders’ back. REPERIBILITÀ

FORMATO cartaceo AREA Ricerche ANNO 1980 AUTORE Natlie Bieber PAGINE 30 RIASSUNTO The Woodcock-Johnsn Psycho-Educational Battery is a wide-range comprehensive set of the tests for measurng cognitive ability,acthievement, and interest.The tests are individually administred and norms are proivided from the preschool to the geriatric level. Part one of the battery contains 12 subtests. Scores from clustersof these subtests provide information regarding a subject’s cognitive ability and scholastic aptitudes. Part two contains 10 subtests measuruing level of preference for participating in various scholastic and non –scholastic forms of activity. REPERIBILITÀ

FORMATO cartaceo AREA Ricerche ANNO 2000 AUTORE Pr Anatoliy Havkin, Peter Gourvitch, A. Podlepa, I. Kostin PAGINE 8 RIASSUNTO The problem of psycho-sociological treatment of children with motor impairment remains desperately relevant in Russia today. In fact there are very few schools or educational institutions available to these children. The overwhelming majority of educational establishments do not accept these children.The few that do segregate the disabled from the able. Children with motor disorders have very particular needs and the groups and workshops offered are not structured to meet those needs. in particular the opportunity for social intercourse is sadly lacking. The waiting list to attend such an institution is several years long. So only a small number of children who are accepted, fail to get the help they need to integrate into every-day life. Furtermore, there is no reliable information about the institutions which do exist, so parents find it difficult to locate any source of help. REPERIBILITÀ

FORMATO cartaceo AREA Ricerche ANNO 2000 AUTORE Kerry Johnson PAGINE 12 RIASSUNTO The study presents case studies of children actively involvedn with riding sessions and early intervention program during 1997 – 1999. The study focuses on the results of interviews with and questionnaires to parents (Annexure A), Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, phisiotherapist, teacher and coordibnator of early intervention program (Annexure B and C) and RDA coaches (Annexure D). It will illustrate how these people view the impact of RDA and benefits to the child and how the horse makes a difference. REPERIBILITÀ